What Do Our Clients Say About Us

“We have found their work to be exceptional and the results were all that we could have hoped for. We heartily recommend Palmer Investigative Services as a mitigation specialist.  They are thorough, professional and get the job done in a very timely manner.”

– Anthony P. Sgro, Esq., Las Vegas, Nev.

“You guys honestly kicked ass.  I thought my gang was bad assed!  You little ol’ white girls went to places that no way you should have been.  The heart of my gang land, South Central L.A., Chosen Few Biker Gang Clubhouse and many other places.  Besides me not receiving the death penalty, you guys changed the way I look at my life.  You made me realize I went down the wrong path, gang banging and drugs.  My murder charge didn’t open my eyes.  The mitigation part of my trial did!”

– Manuel F., AKA “El Chubs”, Gardena 13 branch of the Mexican Mafia

“My experience with notable mitigation specialists from Arizona, California and Wyoming is that they rarely complete an investigation in a timely manner due to inherent disabilities associated with assuming burdensome workloads as a sole practitioner.  Palmer Investigative Services is the ONLY mitigation specialist that I am aware of which can tout the entry of two life verdicts in a capital case during the past year.  I believe actions speak louder than words.”

– Thomas K. Kelly Esq., Prescott, Ariz.

“I firmly believe that your research and testimony were pivotal in persuading the State to back off its original position of DOC or bust and offer (the defendant) a deal he could live with.”

– Vincent A. Iannone, Esq., Lake Havasu City, Ariz.

“Without you, (the defendant) would have gone to trial, risked conviction, and could easily have died in jail, with his medical problems.”

– Raymond A. Beck, Esq., Kingman, Ariz.

“Both Mr. Palmer and his wife take an active interest in seeing that the services rendered by their business are of the highest professional standards.”

– Paul L. Roberts, Esq., Prescott, Ariz.

“I can state without equivocation that Bob (Palmer) has served this law firm well during our association and I would recommend his services to any other lawyer without hesitation.”

– Michael R. Murphy, Esq., Prescott, Ariz., Former President of State Bar of Arizona

“I have found Mr. Palmer’s service to be efficient, of the utmost reliability, and very professional.  Based upon my experience with him, would highly recommend him.”

– Thomas R. McCowan, Esq., Prescott, Ariz.

“I thought you did a wonderful job.  I thank you for all your efforts, and I look forward to working with you on the next case.”

– Robert J. Campos, Esq., Phoenix, Ariz.