Influence of Family, Education and Environment

What is the influence of the client’s family, education, environment and other factors they experienced during their formative years?  Many factors dictate where we go on a mitigation case.

  • Did the client have a good parent to mentor them?
  • Did the client witness abuse that may have taught them it was okay to be an abuser?
  • Did the client have adequate education to function in society?
  • Was the client “slow” in their childhood development?
  • Was there any environmental factors that may have caused cognitive development problems, such as toxic chemicals, pesticides exposure, lead based paint or similar problems?
  • Were there drugs in the home?
  • Did mom smoke, drink alcohol or do drugs while pregnant with the client?
  • What kind of food did the client eat?
  • Were their family meals together?
  • What did client’s siblings make of their lives?
  • How are they different?

These are just a small portion of the factors we consider.