Mitigation in Non-Capital Cases

Non-Capital Criminal Cases:

Whether it is a guilt phase or a sentencing need –

  • Do all your cases go to trial?
  • Do any of them end up in plea agreements that have a possible minimum and maximum sentence?
  • We provide mitigation for any criminal case, anywhere in the United States.
  • We have even had inquiries from JAG attorneys on military cases in foreign countries.

We Work Within Your Budget:

  • If you have a case that results in a plea agreement, or a verdict that may have a minimum and maximum sentence, we can do an intake workup on your client that points us in the right direction.
  • If we have the budget to do in-person interviews with people, we will.
  • If the budget is just not there, we can do our follow up work by telephone.
  • We have been very successful in developing mitigating factors for the court to consider in giving the minimum sentence.
  • Our intake method is so successful that it is proprietary information that our firm has developed for our use only and we share it with no one.
  • We take everything we develop and provide it in a report to the defense attorney to use as they see fit.
  • It can be provided to the probation officer doing the presentence report, although that is not the most successful route.
  • We feel it needs to go directly to the court, far enough in advance of any sentencing hearing so the court can consider it, perhaps accompanied by an oral argument if the attorney feels that might help.

Free Consultations:

  • Our firm has always offered free consultations to see if we can be of value in your case.
  • We do not want people to waste their money by hiring us for no reason.
  • We depend on repeat business and want our clients to be satisfied with the job we do.