Obtaining a Lesser Sentence and/or Better Plea Offers or Agreements on Non-Capital Offenses

Nothing breeds success for a defense attorney than obtaining not guilty verdicts or getting cases pled down to a reasonable charge your client can live with.  Once your client is found guilty or has pled to a charge, why not try and obtain the least sentence possible?  We can help!

Mitigation in non-capital cases is the key!

  • You get your own pre-sentence report
  • We use the same criteria as on capital cases
  • We look into the defendant’s background, mental and physical health, cultural issues, effect on their family and many other items
  • We keep to a reasonable budget
  • We focus on the issues pertinent to every particular case
  • This focus allows us to hold down costs
  • You get a mitigation report that you can submit to the judge or probation officer completing the pre-sentencing report
  • Our track record is exceptional
  • Information we provide can also be the key to obtaining better plea offers

We want our client’s business to improve, hence our business improves.  Your success is our success.  Criminal defense is not always about winning at trial, but is also about avoiding trial and still obtaining a positive outcome for your client.

Make us part of your team!