Sex Offenses

We have specialized training and experience in evaluating sex offenders for their threat level and likelihood of recidivism.  How can this be of use to your practice?

In criminal matters

  • The prosecutor would like to offer a plea deal but needs some convincing this defendant is not a threat.
  • In sentencing you are asking for probation and want proof to back up your claim this was not a serious offense.
  • Example: 18 year old high school senior boy has consensual sex with a sexually active 14 year old freshman girl.  Do you send him to prison for 5 years?

In civil matters

  • Woman spouse makes allegations of sexual misconduct against the father of their children.
  • Do you allow him visitation?
  • Do you demand prosecution?
  • If accused, how do you defend against allegations like this?
  • In custody issues, does a parent have a propensity to offend which would affect their ability to be a parent?

We have the expertise to use scientifically validated examination techniques to determine the risk factor that these persons would re-offend. This is the same technique used by probation and parole agencies across the United States, Canada and the U.K.

This can be used by criminal defense attorneys and domestic and family law attorneys to bolster their presentations.