Street Gangs, Prison Gangs, Biker Gangs, and Mexican Mafia

Our mitigation and defense investigators have conducted many, many interviews with gang members.

  • Street Gangs
  • Biker Gangs
  • Mexican Mafia
  • Prison Gangs

It takes very special skills and finesse to get these gang members to talk with you.

  • We are well known and have contacts within gangs in South Central Los Angeles, Las Vegas and other areas.
  • Our women mitigators (that’s right, women mitigators), have worked inside gang clubhouses and are on a first name basis with gang members and leaders.
  • We have defended gang members on capital cases.
  • We know the very best experts on gang structure and information.

In one case we tracked down and interviewed a gang member who had warrants out for him and could not be found by the police.

If you are defending a gang member, you need us!