Palmer Investigative Services’
major specialty is mitigation in capital cases.

  • We are the top mitigation firm in the United States and we have the results to prove it!
  • We work as a team, not as individuals.
  • We get results and best of all; we work within your budget!
  • We have a mitigation intake process that is so successful that it is proprietary information for our firm’s use only!
  • Following that intake, we meet as a team to define every possible mitigating factor applicable to that case and then direct our efforts where they will do the most good.
  • This puts us way ahead of other mitigators who waste valuable billing time interviewing and re-interviewing the defendant until your whole budget is WASTED WITH NO RESULTS.
  • We can even take a case for a flat fee.  If your judge puts a small dollar limit and says “that’s it”, we can do more with that budget than anyone else!

One attorney in Tennessee told us his judge put a an unbelievably low budget of $7000 for mitigation on a capital murder case and “to hold down costs” insisted on hiring someone local.  The defense attorney hired a psychologist out of Nashville who blew the whole $7000 visiting with the defendant and then told the attorney he had NO mitigating factors.  If he had hired us we could have flown a mitigator to Tennessee for a week, obtained needed records, interviewed witnesses and completed our follow up work by phone and at least given the defense a mitigation report with some fighting chance of success.  Do capital mitigation cases usually cost $7000?  No way, but we could have made a reasonable attempt to gain as much information as possible as opposed to getting nothing at all.

How much money is your mitigation specialist wasting?  Is your client willing to risk their life on someone who does a less than excellent job?